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Fight Night One Organization: the outline.

The announcement was made exclusively in our @headkicknews columns: the Fight Night One proposed by Nabil Mazari becomes a circuit of several dates across France. Obviously, the impact on the foot-fists will be significant. Mazari is known for his seriousness but also his habit of taking things step by step. He is a builder who lays a solid foundation for all his projects. A presentation of this new concept is called for.

A real matchmaker:

The key is clearly the boxer booking made by a true disinterested matchmaker. It is important to emphasize this point! Too many parasites pollute the fist for cruel financial reasons. The watchword is sport and only sport. The proposed matches will be balanced, engaged and technical. These are criteria desired and imposed by Irwyn Balthazar Diaz in charge of this sector. The man knows his subject well and already follows many boxers.

A consistent ranking

Nearly 80 fighters have registered to join the Fight Night One Organization. A ranking will allow them to evolve or not according to their performance and nothing else. This is a difference with the major circuits whose legibility of the rankings is compromised by incomprehensible choices. The will of this organization is to give credibility as much as possible to the fights it offers.

A logistics and financial unit It's a role that fits him like a glove. Steven Denizot will be in charge of logistics and finances, two hats that he masters perfectly. The man known for his seriousness knows how to meet all the expectations of boxers through his experience as a former competitor, room manager etc .....

Cutting-edge communication tools Website, massive presence on social networks, production worthy of a TV channel, Mazari did not skimp on the means to develop the Fight Night One Organization. The first date is set for April 9 at the Zénith de Saint Etienne. Nabil Mazari promised a great show on and off the ring just to kick off the new era of his show. Source

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